Police Seek Information on Blatnik Bridge Kittens

In the last two months, three kittens and one adult cat have been found on the Blatnik Bridge. The injuries for two of the felines have resulted in the amputation of their front leg.

The first kitten was found on the bridge June 9 with a severe injury her right front paw. The animal’s shoulder had been pulled out of its socket, causing permanent nerve damage.

A little more than a month later on July 12, a black young adult male cat was also found on the bridge. According to the Humane Society of Douglas County, the cat had road rash and was knocked a little goofy, but he’s doing well now.

Two more kittens had to be rescued from the bridge since then, both with similar injuries to their legs.

Sheila Keup, shelter director for the Humane Society of Douglas County, believes there is only one way the cats could’ve ended up on the bridge with the same injuries. Keup said, “Someone is flinging them by their leg, because it’s almost ripping everything out.”

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