Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After | Humane Society of Douglas County©

Bellow | Humane Society of Douglas County©

Sweet Bellow came to us in July after the Superior Police Department picked him up as a stray dog who had been in an accident. Upon examination the veterinarians at Superior Animal Hospital  found he had a broken hip and faced a long healing time. Too long to stay and properly heal at HSDC.

Bellow had surgery to fix the hip and was in need of a foster home to bring him to his rehab appointments. He required both  laser and water therapy treatments, followed with range of motion exercises and more.

Bellow has recovered | Humane Society of Douglas County©
Bellow has recovered

Under the care of his foster family and the veterinarians at SAH, Bellow recovered very well and became a healthy smart pup in just a few months!

Bellow came out of foster and back to us for adoption in  October. His story only gets sweeter as his adopter was the 911 operator who had taken the initial call from the accident he had been in.

If you are interested, Bellow’s Road to Recovery may be found on the Facebook page: “Bellow’s Road to Recovery.”

Bella | Humane Society of Douglas County©

In October, a small white-haired three year old named Bella arrived at the Superior Animal hospital with a broken pelvis. Bella had been in an accident and required surgery.

Bella | Humane Society of Douglas County©Like Bellow, Bella required extensive therapy and rehab following surgery. She is currently under veterinary care and living with a foster family. She is expected to make a full recovery and will then go to her forever home.

Twin Cities surgeons made the trip to Superior to care for both Bellow and Bella. Although they offered their services at a discount, as does Superior Animal Hospital, the cost for the two dogs’ care exceeded $5,000.

This is a great example of how your donations and membership fees are spent. We are proud that because of you, the care of the professionals and the love of those fostering, Bellow and Bella will live happily ever after.