Frequently Asked Questions

The State of Wisconsin, like many others, requires you to license your dog(s).  The cost varies depending on where you live, but it is an inexpensive annual license.  The majority of the money collected for the dog licenses in Douglas County is given to the Humane Society of Douglas County to help the homeless animals under our care.  It would provide tremendous financial support for the animal shelter if EVERY dog was licensed.  In addition, the license can help you be reunited should your dog become lost.  Please get your dog(s) licensed and encourage other dog owners to do the same.

Licenses can be purchased at the Humane Society of Douglas County, Town and Village Treasurers, and the City of Superior’s Finance Department.  Proof of a current rabies vaccination is required and must be shown at the time of purchase.

No, we do not vaccinate, spay or neuter owned animals.   We do make sure that all animals belonging to the shelter are vaccinated, spayed or neutered before adoption.

We do not provide financial assistance for any owned animal vet care.

Yes, please call 715 398 6784 to make arrangements.

No, it is the owner’s responsibility to take the animal to the Veterinarian.

No, you would need to contact a Veterinarian to do this.

Please notify the shelter at 715 398 6784.

Some animal hospitals have credit that you can apply for.  Ask family and friends to help out.  HSDC does not have funding to help pay vet bills.

Please go to HSDC web page at  All of the available animals are listed.

If you live in the city of Superior please contact the police animal control at 715 395 7280.  If you live outside the City limits of Superior you would call your town constable or chairperson. Here is a list of Constables in Douglas County:

Amnicon Gerald Danielson (715) 398-3047
Bennett Jay Burfield (218) 428-2614
Gordon George Booth (715) 376-2693
Hawthorne Frank Schwirtz (715) 374-3385
Highland Mark Graves (218) 348-3726
Oakland Gary Vendela (218) 390-2866
Parkland Daniel Bender (715) 817-0323