Another Animal Dies After Dead Horse Was Discovered in Trailer

Superior, WI(

On Friday, the Humane Society of Douglas County responded to several reports of animals being transported in an inhumane matter which resulted in the death of a horse.

Today another animal has died from not being taken care of properly.  It was Friday afternoon when Shelia Keup, the Director of the Humane Society of Douglas County, found out about some animals in need.

“People started seeing this lady driving a trailer with thin horses. From my understanding she stopped off at different bars and gas stations. People were seeing the dead horse in the back of the trailer, and we got a few phone calls,” she said.

Phone calls were also made to the Superior Police Department, who were able to locate the trailer near the Holiday Inn Express.

As soon as Keup got there, her first thought was to act as fast as possible.

“Get the right people there, the veterinarians, haul the horses out to get them stable, rehydrated, fed. Just to take care of the horses.”

There were six horses including one that was found deceased in the trailer and believed to have died from an accident that occurred while on the road, but those weren’t the only animals.

There were also 3 German Sheppard’s and 2 cats found in the U-Haul.

“We removed one horse from the trailer that had some injuries, we were tending to those. You can only do so much at a time, and we got up to the front with the dogs shortly after arrival on the scene. One of the dogs was too far gone and did not make it through the night,” said Keup.

For Mickey Fitch, the incident brought back memories since her own dog, Zen, had been rescued by the humane society last year after being abused and neglected.

“I just thought this is like that situation all over again. With these poor horses, dogs and cats and stuff. You know it’s really hard for me to understand why people would mistreat animals. But it did remind me of Zen.”

The Humane Society of Douglas County is currently looking after all the animals, including a second horse in critical condition.

“The horse is under veterinarian care, we are doing everything we can to hope the guy pulls through,” said Shelia Keup.

So it can have a loving home that it deserves.

The 60 year old woman from Michigan was arrested on Friday.

Donations are being accepted by the Humane Society of Douglas County, to take care of the animals.